5 Ways to Make Positive Habits at Home

These anxious and unusual times can bring about a lot of stress, but it’s important to look after your mind, body and soul so that you can feel your best for yourself and your loved ones.

Here are some positive ways for you to destress and spend your time at home.


Instead of going out, go within. Take control of your mental and emotional wellbeing and ground yourself through meditative exercises. It will do wonders for both your productivity and your capacity to process the changes going on around you.

Meditation also helps to improve your sleep, your mood and blood pressure. With loads of free downloadable guided mediation tracks and yoga clips available, there’s never been a better time to get your OM on.
Here’s some of our favourite mindfulness and yoga apps that are free to download:


Stop, Breathe and Think

Down Dog

Insight timer

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body

Release your inner Marie Condo

While the current climate may have you feeling like you’ve had to surrender some control over your life, one thing you can take ownership of is the space you’re in. An organized work and living space is a productive one. Take the time to de-clutter, organise and do the odd jobs you’ve had on your list for years. Pop on your favourite tunes, track down the duster and tackle one thing at a time.

Spending time in a clean, light-filled room that’s free of unnecessary mess will not only have you sparking joy but will also help lift your mood and productivity.

These wise words from Marie Condo can offer some great motivation:

Never discard anything without saying thank you and good-bye
Tidying is the act of confronting yourself
There are two reasons why we can’t let go: an attachment to the past or a fear of the future.
People cannot change their habits without first changing their way of thinking
Tidying orders and relaxes the mind

Relax and indulge

Now is the perfect time to relax and treat yo’ self to some self-indulgence. Light a candle, run a bath and read a book, or indulge in your favourite meal or dessert courtesy of your local delivery service. For maximum relaxation make use of lavender and lemongrass essential oils, either added to your bath water, used in a diffuser or applied directly to the temples.

Reconnect with your passion

It’s time to bust out your cookbook, get in the kitchen and teach yourself a new skill. But let’s not limit your explorations to the kitchen, maybe you’re more of a green thumb and love gardening, or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a language, paint, write a poem or even teach your dog a new trick.

This time to unwind and rediscover your passions gives you boundless opportunity to reignite interest in an old hobby or explore an entirely new one. The isolation experience is your oyster!

Spend time with your loved ones

As overwhelming and uncertain as these times may be proving, it’s providing us with the perfect opportunity to stop, reflect and reevaluate what it is that we value most. Not only is it important to spend this time with those we hold most dear, but it too is important that in these moments we take the time to be present and mindful in our relationships.

Take the time to turn off your phones, cook a meal together, watch a movie (or a wedding video) or play a boardgame. With all this time to spend together you may even learn something new about the people you live with.


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