Diy Kids Herb Garden

Making your own herb garden is a great way to teach the kids about nurturing, responsibility and the importance of organic produce.

Herb gardens are easy to maintain, and there’s no better feeling than picking fresh herbs straight from your garden to use in your cooking.

What you’ll need:

A planter

Potting soil

Nursery potted herbs or seeds


A trowel or spoon

If you don’t have a planter box, don’t worry, there’s loads of items lying around the house that you can re-use instead. These can include:

Old shoes or boots

Recycled tins

Soft drink bottles

Egg shells or egg cartons

Old cups

Old teapots

An old tyre

Now that you’ve found your planter, it’s time to pick your favourite herbs. Some of the most popular herbs to grow include parsley, basil, mint, chives, thyme, rosemary, sage and rocket. You can get these from your local nursery or Bunnings store, or you can even pinch a few clippings from a friend.

Pot it like it’s hot:

To plant your herbs, simply pour the potting soil into your planter and make a hole for your seeds, or potted herbs. Gently slip the seeds or young plant out of its nursery pot and into the planter. Fill it in with the soil and you’re done!

Caring for your herb garden:
Water your indoor herb garden every two to three days, or once a day for outdoor herb gardens. During the hotter months, your outdoor herb garden may need to be watered twice a day.

Adding crushed eggshells to your soil will also provide extra nutrients for your herbs. It’s also a fun way to make this herb garden completely sustainable.

In two to four weeks you’ll be able to start using your herbs.


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