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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Our car park now has recently undergone an exciting upgrade to include 4 x V3 Tesla Supercharger bays! See below frequently asked questions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the electric vehicle charging stations located?

The charging stations are located on the Upper Level Undercover Carpark near the entrance.

How fast are the Superchargers?

Superchargers can add up to 275 kilometres of range in just 15 minutes.

How much does it cost?

Billing is managed by Tesla, please check the Tesla app for pricing.

What hours are the charging stations available?

The charging stations will be available to customers during the car park opening times. 

The charging station won’t work for me, who can help?

Call Tesla on 1800 646 952 for assistance.

What vehicles can access the Tesla Supercharger?

Currently Tesla vehicles only, but check Tesla website for updates on this – Tesla charging

Do I need to bring any cables?

No, just use the tethered lead & plug.