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    Have Yourself a Healthy Christmas at Tramsheds

    02 March 2018,

    Christmas doesn’t need to involve stuffing yourself silly with honey-glazed ham, pudding doused in custard and booze followed by booze. 

    Take a walk on the lighter side this year and revel in all the fresh, textural options on offer at Tramsheds that won’t leave you feeling as though you’ve waaaay overdone it. Again.


    Clockwise left to right: Dried fruit, nuts and chocolate from Naked Foods, tabouleh from Bekya, Brewer’s Takeover’s watermelon salad, Fish & Co’s sustainable seafood platter, Fish & Co’s Cocowhip, Brewer’s Takeover’s succotash, fruit salad by Supamart. 

    This healthy-minded Christmas spread kicks off with thickly sliced organic dried fruit, nuts and snacks sourced conveniently in bulk from Naked Foods. These give way to the table’s centrepiece – a bountiful wild-caught seafood platter from Fish & Co. Sustainable seafood is the focus at this light and breezy Tramsheds eatery, so their heaving platter incorporates only the best available. On it you’ll find Queensland banana prawns, Sydney rock oysters from Bateman’s Bay matched with a green and punchy nam jim sauce, slices of smoked wild-caught Canadian sockeye salmon with Pepe Saya crème fraîche, preserved wild sardines, a pot of smoked Tasmanian mackerel pâté, plump organic olives from Rosnay in Canowindra and a tumble of dark, chewy walnut sourdough.





    Tramsheds’ very own microbrewery with an American-influenced menu, Brewers Takeover, is bringing the rainbow to the Christmas table this year in the form of succotash, a traditional Native American dish of vegetables that are usually grown together – fresh corn, broad beans, patty pan squash, cherry tomatoes and herbs, all sautéed in butter. Their zingy watermelon salad might just be the perfect summer dish, too. 

    Refreshing and textural, it’s topped with pan-fried peanuts, fresh mint, sesame seeds and a spicy tangy chilli-vinegar caramel drizzle. 

    Add a taste of Egypt to the Christmas table with Bekya’s house-made tabouleh, which adds a protein hit with the addition of quinoa plus fresh herbs, onion, tomato, cucumber and olive oil. For a sweet ending, Supamart’s jewel-toned, freshly cut fruit salad sits pretty next to possibly the most refreshingly healthy dessert of all, Fish & Co’s Cocowhip – a dairy and gluten-free whipped coconut water dessert topped with pieces of raw raspberry and cacao slice. Wash it all down with Wild Kombucha by Ballsy, served fresh from the tap at Fish & Co and pat yourself on the back for sidestepping a Christmas food coma.




    Celebrate the festive
    season with Tramsheds this Christmas.
    Book a
    table of six via the Tramsheds website
    and your table will receive a free bottle of wine to accompany
    your meal. 





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