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Our Daily Picks for March

Need some inspiration? Check out our picks for you this month!


Mama’s Buoi Express Lunch with entrée and main $26

Enjoy a drink plus entrée and main at Mama’s Buoi.

Your choice of pork, seafood or vegetarian spring rolls for an entrée and either vegie pho soup or beef stir fry for a main.

For bookings please ring on 02 9552 1638.



Osaka’s new Roasted Nasu Dengaku (Miso Eggplant)

Nasu Dengaku is a delicious eggplant dish served with sweet red miso, salad leaves and vinaigrette.  Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

To book a table, simply contact Osaka on 02 8880 0717 or email on



Fish & Co’s mouth-watering Tuna Nachos $18

Tuna Nachos is the perfect entrée to devour at Fish & Co while enjoying the fact that it’s made from sustainable seafood.

Drop in or book here.



Messina’s March Shakes, Princess Peach or Key Key, Do You Love Me? $12

Princess Peach – vanilla gelato, peach puree, peach jam, raspberry puree, baked meringue, peach marshmallow and peach jelly.

Key Key, Do You Love Me? – key lime slice, vanilla gelato, sudachi lime juice, sable.

Drop into the store during March to try one of Messina’s delicious March Shakes.



Belles‘ new Wine Giblets $9/glass and $50/bottle

A wine that was forgotten about and then dug up.  ‘Giblets’ is a new exclusive to Belles.  A 2007 Gippsland biodynamic Riesling.

Drop in or book a table on 02 8355 7890 and wash your meal down with this delicious new wine today.



Meatball March at Flour Eggs Water $14 kids/$17 adults OR $29 with adults spaghetti

Meatballs are one of the iconic dishes which appear on both the adults and kids menu.

Take home pasta packs are also available ready for you to cook mid week.

Secure a seat here.



Bodega 1904’s Weekend Brunch Menu

Featuring everything from granola to eggs to crispy black pudding.

To book call on 02 8624 3133 or email on