Your Christmas Gift Guide Decoded

You may have seen us bobbing around your screen while you shop but we haven’t had the chance to introduce ourselves. We’re here to guide you to the perfect present for your friends, family or favourite person. With ten different Santas to choose from, you’ll surely find the right gifts to buy.


The Feast Master

I’m a connoisseur of all food and drink, from fancy cheeses to foreign wines. You can come to me for anything that involves a good time.

Feast Master - Gift Guide


The Beauty Buddy

I’m a lover of everything beauty and self care. I’ll guide you to glamourous gifts like make-up, hygiene products and more. Making people feel extra special is my calling.

hair and beauty


The Fashion Fairy

Christmas and fashion are my passion. My favourite seasons to style are spring, summer, winter and autumn. My job is to help you find a trendy Christmas gift that will sleigh.



The Tech Wiz

I’m your go-to Santa for technology and gadgets. I know everything about big screens, small screens and everything in between. But please don’t ask me about crypto.


The Animal Lover

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your pet friend, I don’t horse around. I can help you find chew toys, comfy beds, or a ball to play catch.

Animal Lover


The Book Worm

I’m a scholar who is fluent in everything to do with stationery and books. I’m widely read in pens, pencils, notepads and of course the latest novels.

Book Worm


The Holiday Homemaker

I believe Christmas truly is the most wonderful time of the year… to decorate. I’m your go-to for knick-knacks, trinkets, and beautiful must-keeps.

Holiday Home Maker


The Gym Buddy

When I’m not delivering presents, I’m pumping iron in the gym. I can help you absolutely crush it this Christmas with gifts like kettlebells, yoga mats, resistance bands and more.

The Gym Buddy


The Littlest Santa

I may be the smallest Santa, but I have the best gift ideas. I love cars, trucks, puzzles, pool toys, board games, fluffy animals, dolls, action figures, and did I say I like cars?

Littlest Santa


Surprise Me

SURPRISE!!! Isn’t Christmas time amazing? I can help you find your extra special someone an extra special gift that’ll make them say WOW!

Surprise Me


Start the search for your extra special gifts by chatting to us. And don’t forget to save or print your gift list so that you have it handy while shopping in-store or online.

We hope this season makes up for last.

Merry Christmas and a half.


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