Create Your Own Superhero From Head to Toe

To help you save the world, firstly we must get you to answer a few important defining questions. Once you’re happy with that, the real fun starts… making your superhero costume! We’ve found 5 simple ideas with no sewing required to have you kitted out to conquer the baddies and bring back order to the world.

10 defining questions for every superhero

1. Where is your main headquarter located?

2. Who is your best friend and confidante?


4. What is your preferred mode of transportation? Apart from flying, of course.

5. Do you have a love interest?

6. What is your favourite meal?

7. What is your weapon of choice?

8. What are you most fearful of or your weakness?

9. Who is your number one archenemy?

10. What is the most special thing about your costume?

Now you’re ready to make the most fantastic costume for your superhero. We’ve picked out these simple DIY hacks to get looking perfectly heroic from head to toe…

Cakes by Adventures of Mel

Masks by Positively Splendid

Cuffs by Kate’s Creative Space

Belts by Kix Cereal

The Final Touch… Shoes by Kipi


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