Food to Set the Mood

When you’re setting the scene for a romantic evening, whether it’s a first date or the rare chance to enjoy a #datenight without the kids, it’s important to get the details right. And this means paying attention to food.

Show your special date that you’ve put some thought into things by looking past the traditional ‘staples’ and seeking out modern options to dial up the desire.

Spice things up

It’s simple to spice things up. Many traditionally-used spices can help to up the temperature. Your favourite Indian or Thai curry may well contain ginger or saffron, both well-known aphrodisiacs. Or, cut to the chase and try dishes containing cayenne chilli, to really get the blood pumping.

A little cold fish can be a good thing!

While oysters are a well-known natural aphrodisiac, unless you know the person that you’re with is a fan, it can be an expensive mistake. Like oysters, fish is often very high in zinc, which has lots of benefits for your body and crucially can boost libido in both men and women by helping with testosterone production. Rather than a heavier option like fish and chips, try sushi. As a bonus, sushi is also the perfect food to linger over while you enjoy the company of your date.


Time for dessert

When it comes to something sweet, ditch the chocolate. Science is not completely behind the idea that chocolate can help to boost the mood. It does generally contain the amino acid tryptophan which is a building block of serotonin, but not usually in the kind of levels that make a difference.

Try a dose of honey instead. The Vikings used it to boost fertility, with newly married couples drinking honey-rich mead. Round out your evening with a toffee or honeyed cream treat.


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