The top three Sustainable dishes you must try

Sustainability is fast becoming a priority in many industries. A throwaway society on the path to change, we are now looking at ways to protect the future of the planet and live a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

Fish & Co. is one Sydney seafood restaurant paving the way to ethical eating. This takeaway and retail outlet offer Sydneysiders wild, sustainable and traceable seafood, captured with little-to-no impact to the surrounding marine environment.

The eatery sources its high quality and ethical produce from a number of fisheries and local fishermen dedicated to the sustainable harvest of seafood, making every plate a sustainable success story!

Here are the top three dishes we recommend for your sustainable experience.

1. Tarragon & Garlic Butter Grilled Giant Tiger Prawns

Prawn lovers, prepare to feast on the largest of these crustaceans in the country!

Sourced from the Skull Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria, these sensational sea creatures can measure up to 26cm long and 100g in weight.

The giant tiger prawns are caught by Austral Fisheries, a certified carbon neutral fishery who ensure minimal disruption to the environment by restricting their catchment to night fishing, four months a year.

This mouth-watering menu item starts by combining butter, garlic and fresh tarragon into a mixing bowl. Then generously spreading the mixture over several of the clean halved prawns. The prawns are then cooked under a hot grill for three minutes, sprinkled with salt and served with lemon wedges and fresh crusty garlic bread.

2. Pot of Beer Steamed Mussels

South Australia is known for many wonderful things. It’s award winning wine, stunning sheltered beaches, and its natural ability to produce premium, high quality sustainable seafood.

With such an exceptional reputation it’s no wonder this next dish uses ethically sourced mussels from the South Australian fishery, Kinkawooka Shellfish.

The fishery is owned and run by fifth & sixth generation fishermen, which gives you a great indication of the sustainable farming techniques used by this well-established company.

Certified as a sustainable fishery by ‘Friends Of The Sea’, Kinkawooka Shellfish grow and harvest their mussels live from the pristine waters of Boston Bay. An age-old practice that yields the highest standard of both environmental sustainability and culinary quality.

This delicious dish begins by simmering a little vegetable oil, curry paste, garlic and coconut milk in a pan. The mussels are then steamed with the lid on and served with noodles, bean sprouts and spring onions. A sprinkle of coriander, chilli and lime is added for extra flavour.

Enjoy this at home, with the ‘Live pot ready Mussels with Singapore style laksa’ recipe.

3. Mug Of Clam Chowder

If you’ve ever taken a holiday to New Zealand I hope you took some time to sample the shellfish, in particular the Cloudy Bay clams.

A pioneer in the harvestry of surf clams, Cloud Bay Clams are proactive in their commitment to sustainability and are officially certified as a sustainable fishery by ‘Friends Of The Sea’.

Native to the coast of New Zealand, these exquisite shellfish exist ten metres under the sea in the turbulent surf zone. Undoubtedly the secret to their incredible boutique flavour and unwavering quality!

Cloudy Bay’s ethical clams are exported all over the world, and are used in the final dish you must try to complete your sustainable experience.

This unique clam recipe starts by adding sesame, shallots, garlic, ginger and chilli to a large pot. After three minutes, white miso paste, cooking wine, soy and tua tua is also added to the mixture. The clams are then boiled and removed once open. The remaining liquid is reduced by half and then coriander, spring onions and lime zest are added to the pot. The clams are now tossed back through and served on a bed of steamed jasmine rice.

Recreate this at home, with the ‘Cloudy Bay clams white miso chilli ginger’ recipe.

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